There are so many people walking around in the world that are prisoners to their own anger and hatred.

They simply don’t understand the effect it has on them, and they’re missing out on the freedom of forgiveness.

When you can forgive someone, not for them, but for you – you’ll be set free of that anger and hatred.

I have people in my life who have hurt me deeply, I have boundaries with them, I may never speak to them again, but I don’t hate them.

I may have hated them at some point, but I had to find the compassion in myself to forgive them.

By hating someone they’re not the prisoner, YOU are. When you forgive them, they don’t leave the jail cell, YOU do.


Practicing forgiveness, while it may not be easy, is one thing that can make enormous changes in a person’s life. Just ask yourself this, would you rather be right or happy?